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Honorary patronage
klaster morskizespół MEW


National Programme of the Offshore Wind Energy Development

Dear Sir, Madam, 

On behalf of the two largest wind industry associations in Poland: Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA) and Polish Offshore Wind Society (POWS), we are honored to invite you to the key offshore event in Poland.

On the 15th of February 2018, in Szczecin – a birthplace of Polish wind energy and an important centre of maritime industry – the Conference “National Programme of the Offshore Wind Energy Development” will take place. Participants are going to learn assumptions which programming of offshore wind energy development in Poland should be based on, in order to maximize benefits for the national economy. As a part of the Conference, there will be a presentation of proposals for regulation necessary for the optimal use of local supply chain for the construction of offshore wind farms in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone.

Moreover, the participants will learn perspectives of the offshore wind energy development in Europe and in Poland and a schedule of the spatial development plan for Polish Marine Areas.

Members of the Parliamentary Group of the Offshore Wind Energy, founded in November 2017 by Deputy Zbigniew Gryglas, will participate in the Conference as well. In parallel to the industry event, there will be a meeting of the Group, which is going to enable them to notice the potential of industrial, port and academic facilities of seaside regions which stand in front of the new possibilities for a vivid development due tothe the offshore wind energy sector.